Curriculum Development

Our subject matter experts and instructional designers get to the root of your learning needs and develop comprehensive curriculum, learning content, and educational solutions to meet your individual needs. We understand your processes, identify your needs and collaborate with you to create flexible, bespoke e-learning solutions using the latest technology platforms.

We leverage the experience and expertise of our designers to bring your e-learning to life through world-class video and simulations that make learning experiences creative and increase memory retention. Our course development and curriculum design helps you achieve all your learning objectives.


Are you in a search of an instruction designer service?
We are here to help you with creative course wares; our team has many years’ experience in visualizing content. Our team focuses on learning outcomes while they redesign the content, they work with subject matter expertise to retain the outcome.

Storyboard is a visual representation of ideas; need to be presented using different tools in eLearning. Storyboard well tells you what exactly going to get out of the presentation.
And for a client, it will bounce clear cut ideas and may also help to get more perfect and error-free presentation.


Narration is a medium of presentation used to enhance the outcome of the learning materials. It will make the learning livelier and increase the ease of access.
We have narrators from different part of the world uses an excellent accent. Our subject matter expertise will create narration scripts for your story/content considering all the key elements.
We can promise you the best service in this part with a very attractive time frame.

Simulation learning created a boom in the learning culture worldwide. The main benefit of simulation-based learning is it provides confidence to the team and reduce practical dilemma. Simulation learning can provide an interactive real experience to the learner. The realistic scenarios can support to allow experimentation and safe practices.


We are expertise in creating a training kit for employers including trainer’s guide, learner’s guide, assessment package, session plan, frameworks, additional resources ……
We are specialized in health care material development. We have a dedicated team with an experienced health and nursing facilities and SMEs in training document preparation.