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As e-learning resource creators, we design, develop and produce e-training content that meets your learning needs, and brings about real results to your organisation.

Online Learning Services

Online learning has completely reinvented the learning experience, and with more and more students opting for non-traditional modes of learning

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Curriculum Development Services

Our subject matter experts and instructional designers get to the root of your learning needs and develop comprehensive curriculum

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Education Management Software

Simple and efficient solution to manage admissions, monitor staff and deliver academic modules

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What we do


Online Learning

Web based learning

Mobile learning


Video based learning

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Curriculum Development

Instructional designing

Scripting /storyboard

Narration scripting


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Education Management

Knowledge Hub

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Edu-systems video tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to help people to learn something new or improve their skills, through carefully laid-out video presentations. We help you to create clear and engaging video tutorial content that can visually promote your product or get your point across to the viewers.

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